6 Indonesian Artists Couples are still long-lasting relationship until now

Its not be denied the number of activities in the workplace makes some people feel the love of location including celebrities did . The time spent on the set was able to grow the seeds of love between players. Many think that love that grows at the work site will only last for a short time. But this line of artists was able to proving the assumption was wrong. In fact, they are still lasting for many years until now.

1. Chelsea Olivia and Glenn Alinskie

This couple was met in a soap opera. Beginning with friendship a long process passed through them until they finally decided to date. Their courtship was not too long, 8 years. The old dating period made them know each other more deeply, so they dared to decide to bring their relationship to the marriage level.

2. Jonas Rivano and Asmirandah

Soap operas “Sheen of Love Kamila” managed to grow the seeds of love among this couple. Jonas and Asmirandah decided to date and even get married. Having had problems due to the differences in beliefs. In the end they were able to go through it and last until now.

3. Dude Herlino and Alyssa Soebandono

Dude and Alyssa first met when they were on set in 2003. Separately because Alyssa was studying abroad, in 2013 they were reunited with the same soap opera title. It makes love grow between them and decides to date. They married last March 2013 and until now their relationship is still cool without being hit by many gossip.

4.Teuku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar

The couples of Teuku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar were involved in playing while playing on the soap opera “Cinta Fitri”. After dating, they agreed to step into the marriage in 2013. Until now their relationship is still romantic and has been blessed with cute children of course.

5. Natasha Wilona and Varrel Bramasta

This is very hits couple among young people is also trapped in the love of the location you know. Even though they are not married their intimacy is very thick. Even both of them have vacationed together several times. This couple’s relationship has been established for a long time now. There are many hope their relationship can reach the way.

6. Randy Martin and Cassandra Lee

The next young celebrity involved in love of location are Randy Martin and Cassandra Lee. They had reaped controversy due to the dating style that was considered too mature at a young age, did not reduce romance between the two. Even today their relationship is still well established

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