Some 9 things to do best if get heartache

The situation where you don’t have the time to receive a painful speech. Does it come from the closest people like family or best friends? Maybe sometimes you can still understand those words. But when everything starts to really bother, immediately do nine simple steps below so that you can avoid feeling sad or hurt or┬áheartache

1. To Say Thank you

The words” thank you “are more effective for silencing people’s hurtful words than responding vehemently. By saying the word ‘thank you’, you don’t just give a signal that the person’s words don’t affect you, but you also succeed in showing your maturity in dealing with situations like this.

2. Trying to Respect

Probably there are times when a friend’s words can make you hurt. But instead of constantly thinking about these words, try to learn to appreciate those words. It’s not easy, but by doing this you have learning to appreciate the point of view of others in assessing yourself. Besides you also learn to make it easy to enter other people’s negative words.

3. To End up

When we are too angry to respond to the painful words that other people make. It’s good to choose to end the conversation up immediately. Don’t let the debate get too protracted which ultimately only makes the situation hotter. It’s not a matter of losing or winning, but it’s a matter of you who prefers to be happy compared to having to drag on in a debate that only hurts.

4. Have to say something like that When the painful words you receive don’t make sense and try too much to ask how important the person’s intention is until you deserve to be cornered like this? Do this so that the person immediately realizes that what he says is actually painful and doesn’t need to be done.

5. Do easy Satire Use satire to show that painful words given actually do not affect you. Don’t be too serious, don’t let that person damage your mood further. Continue to the next page.

6. Receiving

It is too tired to respond to what people says are painful? End his speech by agreeing what he says. Maybe most people will find it difficult to do this. But if you know what he says is not the right thing. Why do you spend time with someone like that? . Dont forget, this is not a matter of relent but it’s a matter of choice to ignore negative thoughts and choose to be happier.

7. Make No Need

In a situation where you are not constantly cornered by hurtful words? It’s good that you immediately ask back about the problem being faced by the person. Try asking the question ‘Hmm, you seem to always have negative thoughts with many people, huh?’ By asking you this directly or not

8. ‘I Love Myself and I Love You Too’

These words you can use when facing with quarrel to the closest person whether it’s a friend, sister, brother or parents. Sayings like this will relieve a hot atmosphere. Change the negative energy of these people so that they realize that actually everyone is valuable and doesn’t need to be hurt by hurtful speech.

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